Evolve Technologies Premier Post on Cutting Edge Smart Home Developments | Winter 2023: Apple HomePod 2


Apple Homepod 2 is Official -- Price, Release Date, Design, and Features Revealed

The company that invented the modern smartphone released its second-generation Homepod on Feb 3. Apple Homekit, the smart home wi-fi, audio-video, and home automation software app, will soon undergo a relaunch to boot. To integrate existing smart home devices or systems into Homepod, there is Homebridge.

The second generation Homepod retail cost is $299.00.

Out of the gate, the Homepod 2 has dual powerhouse features. 1) The music-industry-changing commitment to sound quality and audio design that Apple is known for. 2) Updated and reinforced privacy features that are the modern hallmark of the company.

Apples to Apples, or Android, Evolve Can Swing It

From audio-video; UHD, 4k and 8k hi-fi; home security; lighting; home automation, and control; Evolve does much more than Home Theater systems.

Less than 25 smart home install and service firms in Texas are members of the Home Theater Association. And Evolve is one of them. Whether you run an Apple ecosystem, Google/Android (Nest), or other platforms, our Control4 standard install platform can play nicely with all of it.

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Evolve Brings Blitzen-Fast Internet and Smart Home Devices to Chat with Loved Ones this Holiday Season


"Blitzen," German for "flash," is a name first given to a reindeer in Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas (The Night Before Christmas). Unlike St. Nick, we can't travel the entire globe in one night with a flying sled and sturdy ruminants. But if we have relatives far away who aren't in the home this holiday season, we can still see and hear them. 

Evolve Technologies can set up your smart home to share some holiday cheer. See those smiling punims from afar using a quality smart home device like the Portal hooked up to enterprise-speed data. 


Throughout a normal life, a human will spend nine years on their phone, according to PCMag. It's a TV trope that Gen Z and most Millennials are almost organically attached to their smartphones. And they’ll also be there for the holidays.

WhistleOut, cited in PCMag, stacked the generations side-by-side in their phone use. Millennials spend approximately 42 minutes more per day on their phone than Gen X just one generation back. You will definitely get some "audience insights" if younger ones have slow internet for their smartphones. 

Of course, some of it is frivolous social media use. But some of it is important in social media use. And work and academic demands can also be addressed via smartphone. 

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Dallas Area Fall Staycations and Smart Home Security Systems by Evolve


Who on earth wants to stay at home for a vacation after the last year? Well, even if you're not monitoring the news, you can see that travel is dicey right now. “Staycation” is more than a made-up word. It can be a helpful "soft reset".

It's also a chance to see and support local businesses, parks, and attractions after the global glut of Netflixing and Amazoning from home.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you've only heard one punk-rock song in your life, it's probably the deceptively happy ditty by The Clash called "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (You may remember it from season 1 of Stranger Things or from every DJ'd wedding you've ever been to).

The song title is instructive of the staycation dilemma. A staycation sounds one-off and a vacation sounds like work. No one disputes the peace of mind of a full detachment of everything behind the front door. But a full vacation, right now? There's a lot to control when going on vacation during normal times.

And with a staycation, smart children will know what's up. Yet it's still a solid option with a lot less hassle.

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Texas Smart home Garage, Foyer, and Mudroom Possibilities


Texas smart home garage, foyer, and mudroom possibilities

Your garage can be your launching and landing pad for home. (Mudrooms have made a comeback, more on that in a minute.) But it's easy for the garage to become a dusty location for cars that's usually very hot or cold.

It's where tools, bikes, and sometimes refrigerators only used for drinks go. It's the outer boundary for wearing pajamas. But the garage can be more. 

The First Shall be Last: Garages as Arrival and Departure

The garage is the last thing you see leaving home and the first place you see getting back. It's a space that might need a plan.

There's a lot of design that can be added to the garage for a nicer look. Pulling into a tidy space when you're starting or ending the day adds a lot to the home itself.

The garage is also a major boundary for your home. Front doors still have style. They determine where your mail goes and can even add value to your home. But how often do you the front door? 

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Smart Homes in Dallas, Texas and Curb Appeal


Curb Check

What's the curb appeal for your Dallas area home?

Smart devices and appliances are considered high-value indoor things. But the outside property of a house can harness the benefits of technology and look quite sharp.

Evolve Technologies installs and services premium smart home items, and will even run CAD, working pre-build or with the builders themselves.

Outdoor smart tech, with style. Some examples

  • bright, but integrated, lighting
  • discreet home monitoring
  • a smart lock with a classic brass look
  • wooden-slat or textured window treatments with motorized smart control
  • a sleek, two-way audio-video smart doorbell

A study by the University of Texas Arlington and the University of Alabama said you can add 7% to your home value with the curb factor. (And this study was quoted in Sotheby's property firm. Yes, that Sotheby's). Any quick internet search will bring you expert tips on front door colors, window styles, and more to inch that home value even higher.

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Evolve Technology and High-End Smart Home Speaker Installation Dallas


Everyday Speaker Sounds of Audio and Video

Live sports, to Pandora, to FM to on-demand DVR'd reality shows. Broadcast or recorded sound is a century old. 


On-demand sound evolution:

  • Turntable records
  • Car radio 
  • Box-rocker portable stereos 
  • Modern-day: stand-alone media room in our pocket or on our wrist 

One-way and two-way audio systems are a non-stop feature in the 21st century. Waking up, working, and falling asleep to a preferred sound, such as music, is a constant for many people. 

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Sleep-Wake Cycle: The Light of Day


Circadian rhythms are the natural rise and fall in body temperature, sleepiness, bioenergy levels, and more. In addition, internal changes involving glucose, melatonin, and other substances help animate the body's system. These natural human systems keep us going and help us slow down.

A spot in the middle of the brain meets up with a nerve from the eyes and serves as this internal clock's gears. How much light we take in, natural or artificial, affects our clock: sleep and wakefulness. We're increasingly aware of the blue light frequency from screens that can wobble this 24-hour body health window. Light exposure from blue waves in a narrow spot on the light spectrum literally inhibits melatonin production.

But our sleep cycle--when we fall asleep and this daylight rhythm--can be gamed. Our eyes and brain don't want to negotiate with a clock on the wall, but they will negotiate with light and dark. There are even schools of thought and architecture about integrating natural light in large buildings to optimize peoples' productivity.
And who doesn't have a lot to do, anyway?

Motorized Shades
They're new on the home tech scene and already quite diverse. Pressing a button to see the morning light or go to sleep is just the start. And you might not even need a button. Motorized blinds are smooth, effortless up and down (side to side with curtains), but there's much more.
● Size of blinds
● Speed
● Fabric style and colors of the drape (there are some very tasteful wood-folding slat options)
● Transparency
● Power source
● Automatic, timed open and close
● Automatic, timed partial rise or lowering

Integrations and Smart Home adaptability
A premier company in specialty lighting and blinds is Lutron. With hundreds of patents, they were early developers of motorized blinds. Lutron can make it look good, from vertical curtain-style window treatments to rising wood panels and a wide palette-swatch of Romans.
What you don't see is also important: big, loud motors. These are blinds for your home, so the smooth, small quiet motor-action is ideal for residences. You can even go wire-free with a battery option. Batteries for shades are designed for long-term use and exposure to light and/or heat. Their lifespan is a matter of years versus months, and Lutron leads the industry.
Evolve Technologies is a Home Technology Association certified company. So we know more than just how to install. And we have clients with magazine-feature houses that they want to integrate as a smart home: we know it has to look good.

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Break-Out Summer: Sights, Sounds, Friends


Post-pandemic summer: Patios, Backyards, Getting Outside

Last summer was mostly spent indoors (for health reasons). But there are many dimensions to your health: it's more than avoiding illness. Gatherings and community are essential for long-term emotional and mental health. Enjoying the post-pandemic outdoors with family and friends can happen in your own backyard. 

With two summers to pack into one, this will be more than a Sunday afternoon cookout, eating a single slider and heading home to stream something. Set the right mood for your vibrant summer get-together by setting your outdoor space to light and music with flair and convenience. Make it that Texas barbecue where your friends' toddlers fall asleep on them and they're still out there, catching up with each other. 

Usual Patio or Garden Party 

For that kind of celebration, there's more to do than setting the table and lighting the fire pit. Buying and preparing food to host something outback is a feat by itself. If you don't have to charge, set up, and manage the playlist with Bluetooth, that's more time (and energy) to chat it up. If there are kids, dogs (or both), then that's a no-go on the tiki-torches. Open flames in the back of your mind? But music and lighting are a big part of your gathering coming together. Those two parts Evolve can help with. 

Unseen, but Well-Heard

Even without audio wires, music is more enjoyable with a surrounding effect. Conversation is much better with a consistent volume from the pool to the driveway. 

As a Home Technology Association https://htacertified.org/ certified company, we know integrated and smart home technology, literally inside and out. The highest-quality, refined sounds can be a discrete, natural look that blends into the porch, patio, or landscape. 

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Smart Doorbells: Features, Benefits, Advantages


Smart doorbells integrate a host of features to serve as a home security system as well as conventional doorbell features on-demand from where ever you are.

Now more than ever, Dallas homeowners are relying on smart doorbells for their home security benefits by providing piece of mind when they are away. Whether you need to check on a package that was recently delivered, let a family member in your home, or provide instructions to the delivery team, smart doorbell technology allows you to accomplish this.

HD Video 

Home or away, seeing who’s there with a video doorbell cam from a phone is more than a small convenience. Concentrating on a major work project or drawing a bath for a toddler are involved tasks. Hitting a button to see live video and confirm drop-off is sometimes essential.

Smart doorbells, including our main brands, Chime from Control4 and Ring, have clear video quality that can be accessed easily from your phone or smart home devices. With proper wifi and smart home setup, doorbell cameras can give a 150 to 180-degree field-of-vision view. Real-time, distinct video recordings of what’s right outside. IR specifications even enable night-vision and automatic security light tie-ins.

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From Sunrise to Sunset: A Day in the Life with a Smart Home


Imagine a world where you can control everything in your house with the command of your voice, a tablet, or a smartphone. That means answering the door without leaving the comfort of your couch, monitoring your entire house even when you’re at work, and locking up all entrances with just one tap before you hit the sack.

Now, what if we told you that such a world exists right now?

Welcome to the world of smart homes.

What Is a Smart Home

Smart home technology connects your appliances, thermostat, locks, and more, to one main centralized system. This system can be controlled with a device such as your mobile phone and allows you to manage your house--even when you’re far from the hustle and bustle of Dallas.

To paint you a better picture, here’s what it’s like to live in a smart home.

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Holiday gift ideas for (You) the Homeowner


While spending the holiday season at home without the stress of traveling to the in-laws, weather delays, and packing may sound like the simplest option this year; hosting brings its own set of challenges. More family visiting, constant package deliveries, and a new set of food critics will be enough to need an extra hand around the house. While we can’t be there to take package inventory or whip up a gourmet meal for the family, we can upgrade your home’s automation system to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. 


OS3 Upgrade

As the host of this year’s holiday, you’ll want to make sure everyone feels comfortable in your home- and that means having the newest version of your home automation system to ensure everything is as seamless as possible. Whether that is to control the lights, televisions, speakers, or temperature, you’ll want everyone to be familiar with using your Control 4 automation system throughout the home. With the new Control 4 OS3 upgrade the 10” touchscreen display features the most intuitive interface yet, to ensure everyone in your home can easily and manage your home’s controls without your help. 


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Personalize Your Smart Home’s Lighting With Ketra


Get Cozy, Energize, and More With the Right Lighting in Your Texas Home

Lighting shapes our world, helping us feel specific ways. Think about the lighting in your University Park, TX home. It can provide guidance along hallways, illuminate areas where you need to complete tasks, and create the perfect ambiance for a romantic meal.

Ketra lighting has completely changed the game of tunable white lighting because it's found a way to offer homeowners a variety of lighting options to make their homes more welcoming, productive, engaging, or relaxing - really, whatever mood they desire. Ketra products go beyond the typical smart lighting product you can simply turn on and off without flipping a switch.

This LED lighting gives homeowners a dynamic spectrum of light to incorporate into their homes. From the company’s humble beginnings in Austin to the 2018 Lutron acquisition, Ketra’s mission has always been to make light an integral part of the human experience.

Read on further to learn about a few of the innovative lighting features Ketra offers in its products.

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