Optimizing Audio-Video Conveniences, Benefits (and Comforts) in the Modern Smart Bathroom



In part one, we talked about the convenience of automated lighting, the wifi mirror, and window treatments for modern smart bathrooms. We also covered the science-backed benefit of a steam bath install for your shower (or spa room). The article also briefly discussed the spike in the popularity of smart bathrooms and related smart devices. Installing smart mirrors and bathroom speakers is a growing trend as well. 

In part two, we'll be talking about smart mirror screens, bathroom speakers and related audio options, and voice assistant/voice control automation from your bathroom vanity (or elsewhere). 


International business is sinking big money into the smart bathroom fixtures market as efficiency, sustainability, and water concerns--not to mention sanitation--are forcing their way further into everyday life. The smart toilet market alone generated a third of the industry's cash for 2019! Collectively, on-demand convenience and connection are much more available for the modern water closet. 


If you've always enjoyed shouting out your jams in the shower, you're probably used to a tinny, low-volume version from a smartphone or spotty Bluetooth speaker. HTA-Certified Evolve Technologies installs the apex sound quality, internationally-awarded Sonance speakers. We also source Oregon's own, literally hand-crafted Triad speakers. 

The space-saving brilliance of speakers installed in the ceiling is a growing trend in Europe. With all the software, apps, and integrations for every device in Bluetooth and wired options, these brands featuring great sound can be installed as external, stand-alone units or recessed in-wall. And why not? The average UK home is almost one-fifth smaller than the US by square footage. 

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Centenarians in the 21st century might remember a time when indoor bathrooms were new. Indoor plumbing apparently caught on, for various reasons, more quickly in the US than in other parts of the industrialized world. Even psychologists have noted Americans’ insistence on and delight in private residential bathrooms. 

The upgrades and progress for bathrooms are a long way from the first indoor water closets. 

But as far back as 2006, sports agents were tricking out their bathrooms with flatscreen TVs to stay on top of their client's performance during games. Hands-free phones and other add-ons for the digital workspace became the norm for hard-driving, full-time-plus jobs. 

Some people may even remember the tales (which, according to the former president’s biographer, Robert Caro, were true) of Texas native Lyndon Johnson voicing letters for dictation from the commode. 

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Back to School Time: Chance for a Smart Home Smart Spa Day


Your own home has been, perhaps, a jungle gym for three months with the kids home. In fact, even long past presidents had trouble keeping adult kids in line at home. Apparently, our 25th president had one such lively 19-year-old daughter named Alice (who supposedly liked to smoke cigarettes on the White House roof). 

  • Novelist Owen Wister: “Theodore, isn’t there anything you could do to control Alice?”
  • Teddy Roosevelt: “Well, I can do one of two things. I can be President of the United States or I can control Alice. I cannot possibly do both.”

(Keep in mind that Roosevelt was also a hearty outdoorsman, explorer, and police commissioner.)

Eventually, Alice went back to college. Teddy Roosevelt probably didn’t have a spa day at home afterward. (Bath bombs probably meant something different in those pre-WWI days).

You’re not trying to create the Panama Canal like TR, but when August drags on, your home might sound like the Charge Up San Juan Hill.

Evolve Technology can help you get just the right lighting, and crystal-clear audio for your white noise spa playlist, and with Control4 as our base automation platform, we can integrate thousands of secured apps, smart devices, and software to work on voice control. With that voice control, the best part of a spa day is in place: you don’t have to get up.

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Back to School Means Reliable Internet: Learning Information and Consuming Data

In 2007--the debut year for iPhone 1 and other devices--a man in Italy wrote a 384-page novel on his cell phone. Using a 12-button keypad Nokia 6630, he thumbed out the sci-fi volume over a few months on his train commute. This writing prodigy illustrates how the classics of reading, writing, and arithmetic are increasingly done on smart devices and computers. 

Home Network Becomes Home Room: Distance Learning 

The US census said that distance learning was part of the learning equation for 93% of kids in 2020. As such, home internet service is now a definite utility for most American homes instead of something just for streaming video or other entertainment. Over-reliance on screens and constant access to connected devices has risks. However, syllabi, class announcements, schedule changes, and even Advanced Placement exams can happen remotely, essentially requiring an excellent home wi fi network. 

Evolve Technologies can help you get the most from your internet service provider. We'll also help you rev up your at-home wireless connectivity to provide truly seamless digital experiences. 

Why Fi? Because Few Devices Can Run without Wi-Fi 

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America and Porches: Celebrate both this Fourth of July


Porches are part of the unique American social architecture. the space between public and private life. The US, having the second-largest average house size in the world, gives us an added location out front to chat with neighbors or throw parties. A singular display to everyone nearby, they're a veritable profile avatar. Evolve Technology will add sights, and sounds, and can resolve security issues for porches. 

Porches Are Making a Comeback

As life outside the home returns, people are rediscovering the power of community. porches can help with that. Access the neighborhood and the outdoors, but without leaving home. 

The rate in this country for new single-family homes built with porches is up 10% since 2005. and two-thirds of such houses built in 2017 had them. 

The uptick in preference for porches parallels the collective thirst for a better-connected neighborhood. in days of yore, the porch was just that, the settings for an analog social network, a kinetic next-door app.

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