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Smart Home Ideas for Smart Homesteading: Backyard Chickens, April, and May Is Hatching Season


Spring is here. The gnarly and unpredictable weather in northeast Texas will at least get warmer. Things will bloom and you'll be outside, minus the sweatshirt.

As for outside of your home, gardens are a pleasant decoration for any house, but they can be a lot more. Increasingly, suburban and rural families living a 21st-century American life are Instagramming the produce they grow in their backyards, involving their kids in the harvest, and even going whole hog—sort of—with a small hen-roost.

We'll be exploring some smart homesteading options for the next few months; the sowing season, as it were. But today, we'll talk chickens. Getting your own chickens is officially a thing in the 20s. (And has been for a few years.) We'll discuss backyard chickens and how Evolve Technologies can help you set up a home roost. 

|| Why Are People Suddenly Raising Chickens? || 

Eggs, mostly. Hens lay a good deal of fresh eggs. In season, a roost of three hens can yield egg production of well over one dozen eggs per week. That is, during the peak of summer daylight. The female chicken takes up to 26 hours to physically create and dispense an egg. But there's a catch: she may not start with another egg right after laying. Altogether though, one egg per day per chicken in the summer is a good schedule.

But, getting back to the why. Why get chickens?

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