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Healthy Eating, Smart Home Appliances, and Your New Year's Nutrition Resolutions

Healthy New Year's Resolutions  

If you've made it this far for New Year's resolutions, congratulations. If you tripped and fell, slow motion is better than no motion. If you haven't made healthy habits resolutions, healthier food and easier cooking are still great to have.

Healthy nutrition and a healthy weight can be easier when you're more balanced physically and otherwise. Reducing the effort to keep a 21st century home going means using the best parts of modern technology and automation. Think about 15 minutes per day--15 minutes--added to your disposable time because the lights, the heat, the shades, the alarm system are exactly as you planned without a single flip of the switch.

Self-care and avoiding junk food sounds a lot easier then, huh?

Eating & Nutrition: Food as An Experience  

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