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Golf Simulators

Bring your game indoors with industry-leading technology trusted by the pros. With over 100 of the top courses around the world, you’ll never miss an opportunity to get a few swings in from the convenience of your home.

Golf Simulator Components

  • Custom Size

    Whether you’re adding a simulator to a teaching space, your private residence, or in a university sports complex, we can design a system that meets all your requirements. No matter if you’re a beginner or a scratch player, we can design a simulator to meet your project goals.

  • Projector and Screen

    The projector and screen installed for your simulator make all the difference for an immersive experience. A 4K HDR projector with up to 7,000 Lumens of brightness will shine on a large screen, supporting ultra-realistic settings, so you feel like you’re really at the course. The screen is made of a durable, webbed material built for repeated impact.

  • Flooring

    Your new golf simulator should beautifully match and fit your home's interior design. We approach every project looking at the entire space, including floor finishes, wall coverings, and lighting to compliment your home decor.

  • Space Requirements

    Your golf simulator space should be at least twelve feet wide, nine-foot six inches tall, and nineteen feet deep so that you have enough room to play. But we can build the simulator enclosure customized to your room, with the structure, screen, impact projection and foam-padded turf specific to your space.

  • Multiuse

    Want to change things up? Golf isn’t the only way you can enjoy your new space. Your golf simulator can also serve as a home theater, and media room to watch the big game, or enjoy a variety of other sports and games with friends and family.

    Full Swing’s MultiSport software library unlocks 13 new experiences, including football, baseball, hunting, and yes, zombie dodgeball. Compete against the computer or challenge friends and family with head-to-head games. The sports software reacts instantly to your actual gear, so your muscle memory will respond as it really would in the game.

Don't Take it from Us

Our golf simulation partners, TrackMan and Full Swing, are trusted by the world’s top golfers, coaches, universities, equipment manufacturers, and teams. From the Golf Channel to the PGA Tour, the USA National Team and Stanford University, we aren’t the only ones who see the benefits in a golf simulator. 

  • Full Swing

    Explore the world’s most famous golf courses with Full Swing. You’ll receive real-time feedback on your game and can expand to other sports, like baseball and hunting. Full Swing is trusted by golf legends like Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Brooke Henderson. Take it from the pros.

  • Trackman

    Established in 2003, TrackMan Golf was founded to help golf professionals map their ball speed, attack angle, club path, and more. Today, you can play on realistic virtual courses from St. Andrews to Valderrama, improving your game through its mapping software.

  • Custom Enclosures

    Ready to play? You’ll need a custom enclosure with ample space to send the ball into the air. We’ll construct a booth that includes walls, ceiling, and flooring to fit TrackMan or Full Swing’s specifications. With the right wiring, furnishing, and lighting, you’ll be all set for greatness.

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