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Spring has indeed sprung, and Dallas may see a 90+ degree day in the next week!

Pools are one of those things that are good, both hot and cold, like coffee or dessert. They're something that adds to your residential enjoyment and, if they're in the ground, take up no visible room.

And, whenever you want during good weather, you can sign out of the daily grind and enjoy that ageless pleasure of a good swim (or soak).

Your indoor or outdoor pool can have real sensory engagement with audio and visuals. You can control, secure, and cover your pool from home or away. You can even make adjustments to the pool settings from your phone.

But first, make your pool a 24-7 activity--and give it some serious style--with the perfect lighting.

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Home Gym and Play Room for Smarthomes


Statistics textbooks still say that weather forecasts are about 75% accurate, at best. There are really two types of Americans: those who think their state's weather is crazy, and those who live outside Texas. Despite that, history tells us there are a lot more days you're free to go outside here than in, say, Buffalo, New York.

In a few weeks, spring will arrive. There will be (somewhat) reliably good weather. Dog walking will be more enjoyable, kids can be out of the house for hours a day, and internet consumption will dip a little bit for everyone.

Until then (and after it), have you considered an active room for your house?


In the last century, humans have learned that sitting down too much is bad. Every home has a place to sit down. Now, more of us are adding time to our schedule to get out and get moving; to not sit. Could we find a way to not sit in our house?

Movement and kinesis have become much more important to a healthy life. Newer or modern homes may start to incorporate built-in fitness rooms as exercise becomes less recreational and more utility. 

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