Spring has indeed sprung, and Dallas may see a 90+ degree day in the next week!

Pools are one of those things that are good, both hot and cold, like coffee or dessert. They're something that adds to your residential enjoyment and, if they're in the ground, take up no visible room.

And, whenever you want during good weather, you can sign out of the daily grind and enjoy that ageless pleasure of a good swim (or soak).

Your indoor or outdoor pool can have real sensory engagement with audio and visuals. You can control, secure, and cover your pool from home or away. You can even make adjustments to the pool settings from your phone.

But first, make your pool a 24-7 activity--and give it some serious style--with the perfect lighting.


The good news is you can add some energy to your whole backyard pool environment with lights (or even light shows).

|| Water Featured: Lawn and Pool Lighting Option Looks ||

  • Structural: spotlights affixed to the house walls; soffit lights, deck ceiling lights; floodlights, spotlights, riser-embeds
  • Post: lights fastened in, or on top of, a cylinder or shaft; knee-high lights to show a path, or display lights to highlight landscaping or other features
  • Flush-set lights: these lights are embedded in the ground with a vertical illumination

In-ground or "well lights" are your go-to for anything near the pool. Be careful though; your township may have specific by-laws for lighting in or near a private pool or spa. Texas alone has 73 pages of rules and laws for the use and modification of pools.

However, Evolve Technology is an expert in all smart home needs as part of the Home Theater Association, which accepts only roughly the top 20% of the best Smart Home firms in the US).

For lighting, security, and audio-visual for your pool and its surroundings, call Evolve. We know the importance of details from start to finish.


Underwater in-ground pool lights and housings are almost always an installation directly into the concrete as it's being poured, set, and cured.

These lights generally aren't readily available for vinyl, elevated, or completed swimming pools (though some dodgy pool contractors may tell you otherwise) without prohibitive costs and time to get done.

LED pool lights or outdoor lights are an ideal option for good lighting. But in-ground or not, outdoor/pool-room lighting has some other considerations.

|| The Bulb: Halogen || 

  • Halogen bulbs usually get quite warm
  • A skilled installer can make it work but at a cost
  • The heat from halogen and incandescent lights can cause fogging and eventually a cloudy cast on the transparent housing; definitely, a factor if 1) near a pool, 2) in a humid pool room, 3) near sprinklers or water features
  • Replacement bulbs hard to install
  • Big plus: they're noticeably cheaper than LEDs

|| The Glow: LED ||

  • LED lights are a bit more cash upfront but have greater energy efficiency
  • They project stark, sharp white lights, but you can modify them with dimming effects and colorful adjustments
  • Once they're installed, they have longevity over conventional bulbs


Maybe the kids want to go nuts, splash, and make noise as the sun is setting. Have bright lights so you can see them. Perhaps you want to slide into the hot tub after a leg-muscle-annihilating spin class. You want dim lights so you can unwind. Or, maybe you have something else in mind.

We've talked shortly about the types of lighting, but what about styles? We all need style.

|| Lawn and Swimming Pool Lighting: Feels || 

  • Accent lights
  • Mood lighting
  • Spa lights
  • There are even one-off fun-size floating pool lights and floating solar pool lights


Control4 is the home security and automation brand that Evolve Technologies starts with. They're an established brand founded at the start of the digital automation game. They have grown to securely and safely incorporate thousands of third-party applications, automation, software, smart assistants, and related digital programs. This includes Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, and iOS home settings.

This means your smart home and smart yard don't stop with a brighter, stylish pool and patio. Control4 utilizes multi-location whole-home lighting programs. Added locations give you up to nine zones in and around your house, including the pool lights. Dim, adjust, or set automated on-off timers.

|| Services Available for Pool Needs ||

  • Automatable mechanical pool covers
  • Control4 has apps and add-ons for audio notifications if motion sensors around your pool are activated
  • Apps like Pentair Intellicenter--with the proper and updated software and hardware--can allow you to control pool settings from your phone with Control4


So now the pool looks great, and the lighting is perfect.

You can go further and create a whole-day adventure at the pool. Avoid the rodeo of coolers, kids, sunblock, towels, and floating toys that are the trip to the beach.

Triad, one of few select speaker brands Evolve uses, has the Garden Array outdoor speaker. These have a satellite and a sub-woofer model. The GA4 gives a rich, even sound for a 15 to a 20-foot radius, lessening speakers' "clotting" effect. There are also tasteful, in-wall, or architectural solutions for patios and decks from Evolve's Triad and Sonos speakers. 

Seura, a US-based smart screen designer manufacturer, has a premium model TV that can endure rain and slosh from the pool. Not just rain, but sun too: the Seura Ultra Bright TV is 1000 Nits or 5 to 10 times a standard TV's brightness

If you have a gym area, pool room, or solarium, we also have cinema-quality projection models from Screen Innovations. Easy mechanical retraction allows you to enjoy the daylight and your natural surroundings when not in use.


Pool owners know there are hassles to keeping a pool clean and maintaining safety. When you invest the time and resources in creating a fun, healthy option for recreation and an active lifestyle, we'll help it look and sound good. 

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