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Get Cozy, Energize, and More With the Right Lighting in Your Texas Home

Lighting shapes our world, helping us feel specific ways. Think about the lighting in your University Park, TX home. It can provide guidance along hallways, illuminate areas where you need to complete tasks, and create the perfect ambiance for a romantic meal.

Ketra lighting has completely changed the game of tunable white lighting because it's found a way to offer homeowners a variety of lighting options to make their homes more welcoming, productive, engaging, or relaxing - really, whatever mood they desire. Ketra products go beyond the typical smart lighting product you can simply turn on and off without flipping a switch.

This LED lighting gives homeowners a dynamic spectrum of light to incorporate into their homes. From the company’s humble beginnings in Austin to the 2018 Lutron acquisition, Ketra’s mission has always been to make light an integral part of the human experience.

Read on further to learn about a few of the innovative lighting features Ketra offers in its products.

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Recreate Natural Light

A recent Harris poll showed 89% of Americans say natural light exposure has a moderate to major impact on their moods, and 87% say natural light exposure has a positive impact on productivity, alertness, and brain function. Natural sunlight changes throughout the day - bright and crisp tones earlier in the day to soft and amber tones as the day wanes. Ketra lighting can dynamically shift throughout the day to mimic the natural hues of the sun in a way traditional LED bulbs cannot. 

A full range of dimming functionality is available, too, all the way down to 0.1% with no light flickering. Other LEDs can only dim to around 10%. You can program your entire home or specific rooms of your home to utilize Ketra’s warm dimming feature. It gradually shifts from cooler daylight bright white for maximum productivity to a warmer, cozier amber color at lower light levels to help you relax before going to bed for the evening.

Color Lock

A full high-definition palette of colors is available with Ketra, so you can blanket your University Park-area home in any color you desire. Ketra uses a four-channel tunable LED system with red, blue, green, and white LEDs that produce a spectrum from 1,400K to 10,000K. This full-color spectrum allows for the shifting from warm candlelight glow to cool arctic skies. 

This unprecedented range of color temperatures led Ketra to develop a calibration system to maintain precise color output with Ketra Color Lock. Color Lock features optical and thermal control mechanisms that continuously monitor light output and automatically adjust to maintain consistent color over its lifetime. Traditional LED bulbs don’t do this, so over time, your home’s lighting would gradually degrade. The lighting you installed would not be the same lighting ten years from now.


Have you ever seen your favorite room in the house vibrantly swathed in your favorite color before? Likely not. Is your artwork expertly intensified with brilliant lighting meant to showcase every brushstroke? Hopefully, it is, but if it’s not, then you have some room for improvement. 

Vibrancy is an aspect of lighting that gives your University Park, TX home a whole new brilliance you never imagined possible. Vibrancy is Ketra lighting’s ability to tune white light that reflects off of objects in any way you desire. Artwork will pop in exciting ways, and your next house party will have the perfect ambiance with perfect, vibrant lighting.


If you’re ready to feel better with improved Ketra lighting in your Texas home, call us today at (972) 200-7087 or connect using our online form. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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