Light is an essential element for all life, providing energy to grow, protection, and health benefits simply by bathing in the rays of the sun. Why shouldn’t your lighting offer more than basic illumination? Ketra lighting takes a different approach, drawing inspiration from our human connection to the sun’s transitions through the day and seasons.

Discover how a revolution in lighting brings a new intensity and balance to illuminating your home. Set the mood, breathe life into your rooms, and find solace in a smart home lighting system built around human needs.

Intrigued how Ketra lighting can transform your Dallas, TX smart home with a more human-centric approach? Read on to find out.

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Transformative Innovations

Bringing the human relationship into lighting systems requires a whole new methodology to accomplish. The change allows a transformative experience imparting high-quality light with pure color and uniform coverage.

Ketra, acquired by Lutron in 2018, has redesigned how the LED bulb works, combining new methods of manufacturing and fixtures to control the light.  Using superior optics called TruBeam, one of the 71 patents garnered by the company, Ketra bulbs maintain the light’s shape and placement.

Standard lighting fixtures fade over time, losing their brilliance and crisp colors. By combining groundbreaking innovations and advanced semi-conductor control, Ketra products will look the same ten years from now as they did on day one.

Follow the Sun

Research has shown that daily exposure to sunlight results in positive moods, more creative energy, and a better appreciation of the things around us. Architects are obsessive about daylighting, and the dramatic effects the sun’s path has on a room and its occupants.

The light that comes into a room from the outside varies throughout the day, the intensity and color providing energy saving radiance. This use of natural light inspires positive moods; it helps save on energy costs, supplemented as needed by the electrics. The system connects with sensors to have the fixtures match the exterior, furnishing seamless transition between the spaces. When combined with a control system, Ketra can personalize every moment.

This refined daylight control has been shown to keep people in balance with their circadian rhythms, the natural wake and sleep patterns that moderates our moods and wellbeing.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Our need for light goes beyond the sun; we need to supplement it to create an ambiance, mood, or stimulate the senses. Ketra is designed to transform your surroundings with dynamic colors and intensities.

Vibrancy is a technique to manipulate white light to suit your aesthetics, tuning the separate colors in white to reflect in specific ways. The process changes how you perceive light in the room, how it highlights art and objects in the room. 

Having an endless palette enables you to customize any space for any need. Set the den in a soothing hue while the adjacent kitchen is bathed in functional white.


Interested in bringing exceptional and transformative intelligent lighting that fits your style and brings benefits to your life to your home? Connect with Evolve Technologies today by calling us at (972) 200-7087 or connect with us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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