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How Motorized Shades Can Enhance Interior Design


The Advantages of Incorporating Motorized Shades Into Your Interior Design

Many new and luxury homes are built with smart home automation in mind. When you’re designing high-end residential and business spaces, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate the latest technology to make your customers say “Wow!”

Not only can their stylish appearance match the decor of any room, but they can also enhance the intended atmosphere of their design, especially when a client’s space is defined by large, customized ceiling windows.

Our team in University Park, TX prides itself on being HTA certified and has been working with interior designers and architects over the years to install the most up-to-date smart home automation and window treatment technology. 


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Setting the Mood

Motorized window shades, unlike manual shades, can be controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet. And of course, manual shades have the distinct disadvantage of having dangling cords which could distract from the look you are trying to create.

Through smart home portals that control motorized shades, interior designers or their clients can program a predetermined setting that can create specific atmospheres where shades are raised or lowered to adjust to a room’s light levels.

This kind of preset functionality can show off your design skills by using accurate light levels that capture the right amount of saturation for the color palette you used to design their space.

Perhaps the bright colors of a breakfast room only require a soft light, creating a warm glow that your client wants to sit in as they drink their morning coffee. Or maybe they have entered the entertainment room and they’re ready to watch a movie in a dark atmosphere that resembles a movie theater.

Not only can your clients hit a button that says things like “morning coffee” or “movie time” to automatically adjust their shades, they can also speak the command aloud to a smart speaker as they enter each room. Or if you design model spaces or showrooms, you could do the same as clients enter your designed space.

Motorized Shades Can Match the Style of the Room

A single style of motorized shade isn’t always appropriate for every room. Thankfully, Lutron’s automated window treatments come in a wide variety of colors and materials that can match the design you are trying to achieve.  

For example, in bedrooms and entertainment rooms you might require blackout fabrics. Or a room might call for something with a minimalist elegance: In that case, motorized Roman shades can easily blend into the design of most rooms.

And if you’re looking for a specific color of motorized shade, Lutron can offer a vast variety of customized options. For any designer, it is always important to match function with aesthetics.


Let Us Help You Integrate Motorized Shades Into Your Design Space

Let us help you choose and install the kind of motorized shades that can impress your clients. Connect with Evolve Technologies today by calling us at (972) 200-7087 or connect with us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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