Why Control4's New OS Is the Ultimate Smart Home Automation System


The Power of Control4’s OS 3

In over half a million smart homes across the globe, Control4 has provided effortless command of audio-visual components, lighting devices, window shades, climate control, as well as in-home camera surveillance systems.

As the smart home revolution continues to grow, the clients of Evolve Technologies in Dallas, TX, expect their home automation system to be fully updated with all the latest innovations.

This is one of the central reasons we choose Control4 operating systems to integrate and monitor all of your personalized smart home technology from a single device, whether it be from your smartphone or tablet.

To empower homeowners and make their busy lives less complicated, Control4 has introduced OS 3.


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Current Status of All Home Systems on One Screen

Amongst the many reasons to choose Control 4 OS 3, or upgrade from OS 2, is the new design of the user interface. Their home screen is designed to display all of your interconnected devices at once and made the text and buttons larger.

In addition to easier recognition of your home systems, the status of each is also displayed on this page. You won’t have to click through to other pages to see if your doors are locked if your shades are drawn, what the current temperature is inside, or whether your garage doors are shut.

Easier Navigation

They have also redesigned their interactive media bar which displays what music and videos are being played in each area of your home. You can easily switch the song or show being played, or with their new slider bar, you can decrease the volume allowing you to talk on the phone or turn down the noise from your kids’ TV playing in the family room.

With so many systems to navigate, the interface on your smartphone’s smaller screen might seem cluttered. Recognizing this fact, OS 3 has incorporated a redesign of pages to fit your phone screen so that recognition and use of home system controls are much easier and more intuitive.

Create a List of Favorites

The new format of OS 3 also allows users to personalize the interface by creating a list of favorites. Perhaps you like to listen to music while preparing something in the kitchen. When on the kitchen page of your interface you will then see audio-play options pop up so you can immediately choose something to listen to.

Or say you might be preparing for bed, your interface will allow you to view all relevant settings at once including whether nighttime security has been activated, shades are down, lighting is turned off, and whether climate control is set to your specifications.


Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in an easier way to connect all of your home’s devices using Control4 automation, or ready to upgrade from OS 2 to OS 3, connect with Evolve Technologies today by calling us at (972) 200-7087 or connect with us online. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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