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Streaming Dallas Sports and More for Your Smart TV (and more)


For a few states, football season doesn't really end. There's just a six-month-long pre-game show after the Super Bowl (or the Rose Bowl). Whether college or NFL, Texas is no exception.

In a splintered, niche-heavy entertainment world, most of the U.S. still loves its sports, especially on live TV. Grandpas and vegan daughters both still root for the Longhorns.

Good clean fun becomes great with an effortless, high-definition, sound and experience in TV.

For Everything, There is a Season: Football or Otherwise 

With expanded options, there are sports, and more, for everyone

  • Regional sports and international: college lacrosse, FIFA world cup, Olympics
  • Backyard movie night: the kiddos, a fire pit, and s'mores (perfect setting for Amazon Fire  TV)
  • That wholesome but goofy Mom and Dad channel on YouTube you and your child enjoy together

And, for many guys, the backyard TV and s'mores sounds like a good time, with or without the kids, but with the game on.

Sights, Sounds, Streams 

But the sights and sounds are everywhere in the home. You can see and hear those sights and sounds from anywhere, in or outside the home, with the Evolve Technology Dallas'

  • Whole-home audio intercom, entertainment, and security system
  • Smart mirrors with TV capabilities
  • Architecturally integrated, recording-studio quality speakers
  • Small-enterprise/commercial-speed wifi capabilities for all of it

Edge-less 4K (and higher) traditional-screen or silver screen quality projection in advanced sizes


The set-up is not the hard part. If you have a Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, or any other service, creating a crisp, clean broadcast at home is easy for Evolve. (Broadcast rights are pieced out specialty so that even if you have CBS Sports, Fox, or another popular channel, they might not carry live games or may only carry some of them, such as Thursday nights. But we can answer those questions for you, too.)

Screen Pass  

You can have it in the best setting, all four seasons. Like that backyard. Screen Innovations TVs and Seura Smart Mirrors have custom options and units crafted specifically for the outdoors. Screen Innovations even has cinema-quality projection screens.

Considerations for your screen

  • Flat-screen, projection, hi-def curved, other (ask during a consultation)
  • Location design: the amount of natural light in the room, glare
  • Architecture: mounting or hanging surface
  • Space: motorized, retractable projection or wall-mount set
  • Uses, needs, climate: wet areas (kitchen, pool, gym, master bath) or outdoor

All viewing devices have precise, adjustable anti-glare settings, many come with backlit LED. An industry-best high-resolution is the starting point for all the models we use and it doesn't stop at 4k.

We consider all factors in consultation, install and service for your home.

Hear Here 

Hear the game throughout the house (or just part of it) with Sonos and Triad speakers. Integrate into home design with in-ceiling, in-wall, bookshelf, or stand-alone speakers.

If Grandpa wants his steak well done, get play-by-play of the game day from the back deck. You can also hear your playlist in any room when it's quiet again.

High Wireless Act 

Every smart device or appliance in the home uses data. And that's a lot of them today, even for an average house. We don't see the ones and zeros of data consumed, but it's a lot.

Some normal data consumption needs

  • Streaming services
  • Mobile devices
  • Streaming services on mobile devices
  • Smart appliances
  • Smart outlets
  • Security system
  • Smart doorbell

The modern house guzzles this data transmitted over wi-fi. And it's for much more than TV channels, a sports package, or movies.

High-Volume Data Supplied On-Demand 


Evolve has a network solution to supply this virtually unlimited thirst of the smart home. This includes the Package Wireless Access Point. Sleek, low-electricity router-sized packets that are the necessary digital overdrive, or fifth-gear, for homes today.

Most of these devices have 2x2 or 3x3 MIMO. In simple terms, this means there are multiple units in it to receive and transmit signals from devices. Most have just one. They also advertise a higher "throughput" (the actual clocked speed of data delivery) over the bandwidth (the highest potential delivery). Everyone can fit at the table. 

If you need to use an added stream to run a show for the kids while you watch Sunday's game, get a seamless, immediate, on-demand streaming service throughout the house (and further, if needed.)

Home Devices for a 24/7 World 

Entertainment is great to watch whether you stream it live or not.

But maybe your workday starts when you wake up. National or international news, overnight markets, or detailed weather reports are your alarm clock. You can see and hear the most important information for your day as you shower and get ready.

Get live video, use certain apps, or access online content plus countless other easy-to-learn features. New features including light with dimming, de-fogging, and ground-breaking LED color technology.

Seura smart mirrors and TVs are made here in the US. They are the cutting edge of smart surface technology with toggle-style smart mirror-to-TV for virtually any part of the house. From a damp gym area to the kitchen or the master bath.

Perhaps you need to be available for the pitch meeting while you pack lunches and send the kids out the door. A sleek screen with perfect two-way audio that blends into your kitchen backsplash, and can take some actual backsplash, is a lot better than shouting into a clunky Bluetooth.

Off-Season (or On) 

There's a screen for most jobs today. If it doesn't have one right now, it probably will soon. Stay connected with work, family, or communicate with whoever's at the front door. And do it from the basement or across the country.

When you shut off the smaller screens for a big one with your family, by yourself, or your friends, make it the easiest part of your day or week. Get the sharpest possible video and audio with mirror-smooth streaming of your favorite shows, games, online content, and more.

Call us for a consultation today.

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