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Everyday Speaker Sounds of Audio and Video

Live sports, to Pandora, to FM to on-demand DVR'd reality shows. Broadcast or recorded sound is a century old. 


On-demand sound evolution:

  • Turntable records
  • Car radio 
  • Box-rocker portable stereos 
  • Modern-day: stand-alone media room in our pocket or on our wrist 

One-way and two-way audio systems are a non-stop feature in the 21st century. Waking up, working, and falling asleep to a preferred sound, such as music, is a constant for many people. 

The tinny, low-bass sounds of unfiltered smart devices or the bossy GPS voice are okay to get the job done. 

But when the sound system is in a location that you spend most of your time, choose home audio that you want to come home to. 

Evolve Technology plans, design, install and maintain audiovisual, home theater systems (and much more) for Dallas-area clients. We deliver unrivaled customer service and specialize in custom-engineered speakers for communication, entertainment, and home security. 

Now Hear This: The Actual Home Sound Difference, from Evolve

From our founding, Evolve has preferred industry-best and pioneering brands for all our products. BeSpoke speakers by Triad specialize in individually hand-built units from their company here in the US.  Additionally, we use the original featured architectural speakers for interior and exterior home and commercial needs: Sonance. 

Evolve's services works to integrate whole-home audio, security audio, and related automation systems with your Dallas home. From stand-alone speakers for a century house or recessed, in-wall, or ceiling speakers designed to the centimeter. We have worked with pre-build homeowners for the best media experience at home.

The physical configuration of the speaker units for your home has a breadth of options as well:

  • in-ceiling
  • surface-mount
  • pendant/hanging
  • in-wall
  • free standing 
  • plus many interior and exterior options

In addition to custom-engineered speakers, Bespoke has partnered with Dolby, the creator of modern-sound fidelity systems, for its newest iteration called Dolby Atmos. Sonance is also known for its highest-fidelity, ultra low-distortion preferred quality in intercoms, whole-house audio, and diehard durability of outdoor speaker units.

Do You Hear What I Hear?: Surround Sound System for Home Theater and More

The space needed to hear an echo effect is surprisingly small. An empty 30 by 30-foot room with a twelve-foot ceiling can produce it. 

Home theater installation is used for top-notch speaker home automation and integration (though there are many). But for home entertainment, surround sound makes a difference for gaming, movies, TV, and the 21st-century novelty of the permanent personal playlist. 

Sound quality and ease of use are essential for all sound devices, including security systems, for the home. A crisper, cleaner sound in the front-door intercom makes a difference when visitors get a first impression. Your teenager is less grumpy when a stern fourth reminder goes through the home audio to GET. OUT. OF. BED. When it does not sound like a kazoo. It also sounds more relaxed if you yourself are still in bed and speaking to a remote control or your phone; (We can make that possible too). 

Sounds Good?

  • "Surround-sound"
  • "hi-fidelity" 
  • "Smart" 

These are widely used terms now, whether in ads or even packaging. What they mean is not always clear. Considering the size, space, material, voltage, frequency, wired or wireless, ohms, woofers, and countless other terms are just part of Evolve's everyday calculation for every homeowner we serve. 

Our true "earned and learned" expertise for Dallas, Texas, area comes with numerous highly recommended reviews. We're excited to help you enable convenience, comfort, relaxation, security, and more for your home. Call today!

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