Sleep-Wake Cycle: The Light of Day


Circadian rhythms are the natural rise and fall in body temperature, sleepiness, bioenergy levels, and more. In addition, internal changes involving glucose, melatonin, and other substances help animate the body's system. These natural human systems keep us going and help us slow down.

A spot in the middle of the brain meets up with a nerve from the eyes and serves as this internal clock's gears. How much light we take in, natural or artificial, affects our clock: sleep and wakefulness. We're increasingly aware of the blue light frequency from screens that can wobble this 24-hour body health window. Light exposure from blue waves in a narrow spot on the light spectrum literally inhibits melatonin production.

But our sleep cycle--when we fall asleep and this daylight rhythm--can be gamed. Our eyes and brain don't want to negotiate with a clock on the wall, but they will negotiate with light and dark. There are even schools of thought and architecture about integrating natural light in large buildings to optimize peoples' productivity.
And who doesn't have a lot to do, anyway?

Motorized Shades
They're new on the home tech scene and already quite diverse. Pressing a button to see the morning light or go to sleep is just the start. And you might not even need a button. Motorized blinds are smooth, effortless up and down (side to side with curtains), but there's much more.
● Size of blinds
● Speed
● Fabric style and colors of the drape (there are some very tasteful wood-folding slat options)
● Transparency
● Power source
● Automatic, timed open and close
● Automatic, timed partial rise or lowering


Integrations and Smart Home adaptability
A premier company in specialty lighting and blinds is Lutron. With hundreds of patents, they were early developers of motorized blinds. Lutron can make it look good, from vertical curtain-style window treatments to rising wood panels and a wide palette-swatch of Romans.
What you don't see is also important: big, loud motors. These are blinds for your home, so the smooth, small quiet motor-action is ideal for residences. You can even go wire-free with a battery option. Batteries for shades are designed for long-term use and exposure to light and/or heat. Their lifespan is a matter of years versus months, and Lutron leads the industry.
Evolve Technologies is a Home Technology Association certified company. So we know more than just how to install. And we have clients with magazine-feature houses that they want to integrate as a smart home: we know it has to look good.

Bright Environment of a Smart Home
Control of the smart blinds and related window treatments are also versatile.
● Remote-control option
● Smart home screen hub or similar keypad
● Tablet or phone with the Lutron app
● (Also features integration with Lutron lighting systems)
Lutron Connect App works with both iOS and Android. You can even integrate it into your home wifi with the right specs and router.

Natural sunlight is non-GMO, and the sun is available everywhere, even at home. Controlled research shows natural sunlight ( positively affects saving energy (and money) in your home. The same is true for heating and cooling. ( Heat/cooling and light are two expenses that don't go away. But the home environment and the one outside can be improved with some simple but work-free window treatments. Better climate and less fuel consumption, both indoors and out.
And the level of light exposure is adjustable: there is a range of materials and levels of transparency for blinds. The transmittance of light and heat can be formulated down to close percentages as 25-45% light transmittance. And don't get concerned; this example is something our techs and installers are knowledgeable in. They are glad to spend time giving you a thorough and understandable meaning to create an informed purchasing decision for you.


The Best Kind of Light
The ideal is to go to bed with your body's internal mood ready for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, while artificial light from screens, bulbs, and LEDs can be dimmed and screen time reduced, many screen devices can't be removed. Work, entertainment, family communication, all these involve screens and the accompanying blue light.
Light and dark on-demand is new. But the goal is for the right integration of sunlight into your home, on your schedule with the push of a button, or less.

Contact Evolve Technologies, your Dallas-area smart home experts, for a consultation today.

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