Break-Out Summer: Sights, Sounds, Friends


Post-pandemic summer: Patios, Backyards, Getting Outside

Last summer was mostly spent indoors (for health reasons). But there are many dimensions to your health: it's more than avoiding illness. Gatherings and community are essential for long-term emotional and mental health. Enjoying the post-pandemic outdoors with family and friends can happen in your own backyard. 

With two summers to pack into one, this will be more than a Sunday afternoon cookout, eating a single slider and heading home to stream something. Set the right mood for your vibrant summer get-together by setting your outdoor space to light and music with flair and convenience. Make it that Texas barbecue where your friends' toddlers fall asleep on them and they're still out there, catching up with each other. 

Usual Patio or Garden Party 

For that kind of celebration, there's more to do than setting the table and lighting the fire pit. Buying and preparing food to host something outback is a feat by itself. If you don't have to charge, set up, and manage the playlist with Bluetooth, that's more time (and energy) to chat it up. If there are kids, dogs (or both), then that's a no-go on the tiki-torches. Open flames in the back of your mind? But music and lighting are a big part of your gathering coming together. Those two parts Evolve can help with. 

Unseen, but Well-Heard

Even without audio wires, music is more enjoyable with a surrounding effect. Conversation is much better with a consistent volume from the pool to the driveway. 

As a Home Technology Association certified company, we know integrated and smart home technology, literally inside and out. The highest-quality, refined sounds can be a discrete, natural look that blends into the porch, patio, or landscape. 

Premium brand speakers can stream that carefully cultivated playlist you've been saving for this season. Recessed or physically integrated into the home or exterior, our speakers will provide a welcoming ambiance. Less risk of damage from spills or traffic areas is a plus too.

Evolve Technologies is experienced in creating outdoor spaces with rich surround sound and warm lighting with your own style. 

Night Lights

Control the crisp and vivid or smooth and warm colors of the outdoor light features. Get the full spectrum of adjustable lighting with gradations from bold and bright down to warm amber. Our world-class brands of lighting have color-spectrum control, individual remotes, or integrations to a hub and app. 

We use and install Ketra and Lutron. Ketra is a brand engineered to present the sunny hues of nature. Their system has smartphone controls, a wireless keypad option, or HomeWorks QS automation. Lutron, founded by an award-winning engineer, invented the dimmer switch in the 1950s. They are motorized shades and the highest-quality lighting is also keypads, remote, or time-set to your schedule, indoors or out. 

Everything's Bigger in Texas

It doesn't have to stop when the summer does. Everything is bigger in Texas, even in the summers. The crisp, late fall is perfect for a fire pit evening with smooth background music. 

Getting back to life outdoors (and indoor) is a little sweeter after a long-time distance, using contact caution, spraying furniture, and related tasks. The lighting and the sounds of your house's back (or front) yard can be a fun, stylish addition. 

Options for look and location are great to have with sound speakers and luxury lighting. Evolve installs the best item brands of lighting, speakers, and audio. The most natural light and sound, that you can also adjust, goes great with the great outdoors. 


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