Smart home technology may feel a little bit like science fiction, but just walk into the appliance section of a department store--and they’re all over the place. You may be wondering: what does smart home technology mean? Well, long story short, this is the kind of technology that communicates with each other through the internet and makes your simple house tasks easier, keeps your home more secure, and helps you save energy.


But why, even with all its ubiquity, do people think that “smart home technology” is difficult to understand? In this article, we talk about (1) what it is, (2) how it works, (3) and its advantages.


Fortunately, if you are already using a smart thermostat, a video doorbell, or just using voice commands which can all be accessed through your smartphone, then you are already halfway to understanding what smart technology is all about.


What Is Smart Home Technology?


Smart home technology, or home automation system, allows you to connect and remotely control your smart home features like appliances, gadgets, and security systems. You can do so through a universal remote control or voice control, which could be your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or console. All you need is an internet connection, and you can command your house to do what you want anytime, wherever you may be.



How Does Smart Home Technology Work?

Smart home technology can be set up in two ways. You can build it from the ground up with cutting-edge tools, systems, and appliances, which will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Or, you can connect each smart home product that you already own into a smart home hub.


Here, you can control and automate these interconnected devices with the touch of a button. You may also personalize this system according to your lifestyle and preferences for maximum convenience.


Here are some of the devices that you can connect to a smart home system:

Smart TV

You can turn on your smart TV with your smartphone and even choose what program to put on. This is convenient if, say, you’re still busy in the kitchen making dinner but don’t want to miss your favorite show. You can turn on your smart TV without actually having to walk to your living room and turn the volume up, so you don’t miss anything.


Smart Lights

Sure, there are automatic light sensors that you typically use outdoors, but it’s more convenient if you can control all the lights in your home. If you often forget to turn off your bedroom lights before leaving for work, or if you want your outdoor lights on even before you get home, a smart home system will allow you to control these lights remotely. You can also set them to turn on at your wake-up time and turn off at bedtime.


Smart Speakers

Did you know that pressing your “universal remote control” is just one way to control your devices? Your smart speakers come with built-in microphones that enable voice command, all thanks to smart home technology. With exceptional sound quality, you won't be compromising anything for convenience. Now, learning about the weather forecast, among other things, is as easy as asking out loud, “What’s the weather like today?”


Smart Thermostat

Perhaps one of the best luxuries provided by a smart home is allowing you to program your smart thermostat to wake up with you. You can set your smart thermostat the night before to warm up at your desired wake-up time. You can also command it to begin cooling down your living room as you head home from work. Integrating your heating and cooling system into your smart home system can give more control to the temperature in your home.



Smart Door Locks

Security is an issue that concerns nearly all homeowners. Whether you’re away from home or just in your bedroom preparing to sleep, you can easily ensure that all your doors are locked with one tap on your smartphone or tab. You will be able to access your door from any smart home device or your phone when you're on the go.


Smart Window Shades

Smart window shades can help you maximize natural light for your home. Depending on the time of the day, you can have your shades configured to go up or down to let more sunlight in or pulled down at dusk so you can have privacy.


Advantages of Smart Home Technology


Whether you are sitting in your living room or miles away from home, there are plenty of benefits to using smart home technology.



Smart home technology just takes convenience to the next level since you practically have all your home technology at your fingertips. All you need is the patience to learn how to navigate your home system automation app to use all the devices in your home.


This technology can also accommodate newer smart devices as time passes, so you won’t have to set up a new system. Simply update your app, and it’s good to go.


Peace of Mind

You will feel safer and make your home more secure with smart home technology. When you integrate it with your home security systems, you can monitor your house 24/7, with indoor and outdoor security cameras, no matter where you are. For example, you can watch your front door security cameras, monitor visitors through your smart doorbell, and more. You can also receive mobile text alerts when a visitor arrives and even speak with your visitors through the intercom with your mobile phone.


Energy Efficiency

Using smart home technology the right way allows you to cut back on your monthly bills. It helps you use your devices in the most energy-efficient manner without sacrificing the experience. For instance, it suggests the best settings to use in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It can also put to sleep any device that is not in use to conserve energy.


If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, make living at home easier, or simply looking for a unique holiday gift, then smart home technology is just what you need. It’s convenient, efficient, and will definitely change your life.


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