Smart Doorbells: Features, Benefits, Advantages


Smart doorbells integrate a host of features to serve as a home security system as well as conventional doorbell features on-demand from where ever you are.

Now more than ever, Dallas homeowners are relying on smart doorbells for their home security benefits by providing piece of mind when they are away. Whether you need to check on a package that was recently delivered, let a family member in your home, or provide instructions to the delivery team, smart doorbell technology allows you to accomplish this.

HD Video 

Home or away, seeing who’s there with a video doorbell cam from a phone is more than a small convenience. Concentrating on a major work project or drawing a bath for a toddler are involved tasks. Hitting a button to see live video and confirm drop-off is sometimes essential.

Smart doorbells, including our main brands, Chime from Control4 and Ring, have clear video quality that can be accessed easily from your phone or smart home devices. With proper wifi and smart home setup, doorbell cameras can give a 150 to 180-degree field-of-vision view. Real-time, distinct video recordings of what’s right outside. IR specifications even enable night-vision and automatic security light tie-ins.

How’s It Look?

Smart doorbells are designed with a pared-down contour. Thin, clean dimensions and small, crisp LED illumination for your front door. These devices are water-resistant and the right size for our technicians to jamb-mount or put in any covered location.

Call and Response

Smart doorbells provide HD video but can also integrate two-way audio. With iOS, Android (and even Windows 10 for Ring) there are two-way audio features right from a phone, tablet, or capable device. Sensors from the smart doorbell use motion detection to alert you when someone is at the door (this can be adjusted to meet your needs so the wifi doesn’t spike every time a car drives by).

If someone unfamiliar shows up, especially to an empty house, smart doorbells have motion sensors, facial recognition technology, video storage for you to review if needed.

Under SmartLock and Key 

With the Control4 Chime Doorbell, you’ll be able to unlock and lock your door for any guest that arrives before you do. This gives you flexibility when other obligations arise.


Saving Time

Technology really can be harnessed to drive a better quality of life. The benefits of smart doorbells mean automatic or on-demand security and convenience from a smartphone. Home security will always be a need, but a smart doorbell creates instant handheld security control with a phone.

Walking to the door, having someone stay home to let the plumber in, walking to the patio to tell the kids to come in. These sound like small chores. Yet like the weekly commute of a few minutes each way, an extra hour every week is something we all want. The efficiency of the house means more time for the home.

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