Holiday gift ideas for (You) the Homeowner


While spending the holiday season at home without the stress of traveling to the in-laws, weather delays, and packing may sound like the simplest option this year; hosting brings its own set of challenges. More family visiting, constant package deliveries, and a new set of food critics will be enough to need an extra hand around the house. While we can’t be there to take package inventory or whip up a gourmet meal for the family, we can upgrade your home’s automation system to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. 


OS3 Upgrade

As the host of this year’s holiday, you’ll want to make sure everyone feels comfortable in your home- and that means having the newest version of your home automation system to ensure everything is as seamless as possible. Whether that is to control the lights, televisions, speakers, or temperature, you’ll want everyone to be familiar with using your Control 4 automation system throughout the home. With the new Control 4 OS3 upgrade the 10” touchscreen display features the most intuitive interface yet, to ensure everyone in your home can easily and manage your home’s controls without your help. 


NEEO Remote

Still searching for the perfect gift for yourself? The updated Neeo Remote will not only be the best smart home accessory, but it will save you from constantly explaining how to control the features of your home to first time guests. The simplistic user interface allows the controller to swiftly change the lighting, turn on a new playlist, or adjust the temperature on the display screen. Now, no need to waste precious time giving a tutorial on every home feature with this remote. 

Chime Doorbell

While you’re busy running around grabbing last-minute ingredients, wrapping presents, and putting up decorations- you’ll need someone to man the front door package delivery. Sound like a fun task? Probably not to most of your guests, but no need to worry about being home for the special gift delivery with the new Chime doorbell. It will allow you peace of mind when being out and about that your packages will be safe until you get back. Similar to other video doorbells, Chime allows you to communicate with the person at your door to give special instructions or to simply be notified when a purchase has arrived. Chime also allows you to unlock your home from your phone in case a family member arrives when you’re not there. You can confidently keep up with the holiday chaos without worrying about the security of your home. 


No need to have any more unexpected events this year- simplify your holiday with these products to have it run as smoothly as possible. Up to date on all the latest technology? Contact us today to see more options for holiday gifts at (972) 200-7087 or on our website at



Cover photo courtesy of Hello Lovely Studio. 

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