5 Tech Tips to Achieve your New Year's Resolution


The New Year is finally here! 

With 2021 finally behind us, many of us are keeping our eyes on the future and focusing on things that are in our control. Oftentimes people set unrealistic New Year Resolutions for improving their life, ultimately falling short when things get difficult and life gets busy. It’s easy to resort to old habits and it's common for people to throw in the towel completely. In cases like these, the most important way to stick to your goals is to hold yourself accountable. With hundreds of apps to keep track of your fitness, screentime, or calorie intake, it can be overwhelming to stay up to date. Although, programming automated controls throughout your home can remind and motivate you to stay on track and achieve your goals. Below are some home automation suggestions to help you. 

Custom Audio Button

When life gets hectic many people rely on music or even meditation to help calm their mind and reset. Rather than fumbling trying to connect your device to your speakers, installing a specific button that is programmed to your favorite radio station or meditation channel can help ease tensions. Whether you want it to play throughout your entire Dallas home or only in a specific room, these controls can be customized to ensure you have immediate access to stress relief. 

Refreshed Lighting Scheme

It’s no secret humans respond with different energy levels based on their surrounding lighting. For instance, we tend to have increased energy levels during the bright morning hours and lower energy levels in the evening. The same is true for the smart lighting in your home. Oftentimes programming your home’s lights can help improve mood and productivity throughout the day. Whether that may be increasing the brightness in the morning to jumpstart your day or dimming the entire home’s lights at 7 pm to help wind down, you can create a fully customized Lutron lighting schedule to improve you and your family's mood and schedule. 

Automated Workout Settings

Now more than ever, people are focusing on improving their personal health. Although, getting yourself to the gym is often easier said than done. Sometimes you just need a little jumpstart to get you going. With a Control4 home automation system, we can program your workout playlist to play through your Sonos speakers, and decrease the temperature in your home gym for that afternoon Peloton ride. Now, all you have to do is listen to your daily cues to achieve your fitness goals. 

Log off Setting

When working from home it's often difficult to find the separation between when it is time to work and when it is time to relax. Creating automated cues, such as music, lighting, and reminders to turn on at 6 pm every evening, can help you stay on a schedule as if you were in the office. Creating a routine when working from home can help you stay focused and ultimately achieve your career goals.


Take a break

While constantly relying on your device is common practice, it’s important to give yourself a screen break once in a while. Whether that is limiting your phone usage in the evenings or turning it off altogether, taking time to reset is a healthy addition to any new years resolution. 

The programming on you and your children’s devices to shut off at a certain time every night can encourage face to face interaction and help you stay on a consistent sleep schedule, ultimately keeping you on track to achieve your New Year Resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are all about consistent and positive lifestyle changes, not making your life more complicated or difficult. So, make sure you’re giving yourself a fair chance from the start while continuing to stay focused on bettering yourself by utilizing smart home technology to give you friendly cues when it’s time to hit the gym, take a break, or log off. 


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