Enhance Your Home and Your Mood With Professionally Installed Window Treatments


Change The Look of Your Texas Home With Motorized Shades

Lighting has a significant impact on how we live. It creates the ambiance in a space just as much as your furnishings or art. That's why it's crucial to choose the right lighting for each room of your home. But lighting design is more than choosing the right light fixtures – or even having us program the most beautiful scenes. It’s also about getting plenty of natural light. With motorized window treatments, you can control the amount of sunlight coming into the spaces of your Highland Park home with just a swipe of your finger.


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Conveniently Illuminate Your Space

Traditional blinds can be quite cumbersome to operate. More often than not, when we have to adjust them manually to get a few hours of sun in the room, we tend to forget about them and rely on lamps and other artificial lighting. But with window treatments like motorized blinds integrated with your home lighting control system, you can control the natural lighting in any space of your home, any time of day, with just a touch of your interface touchscreen or your smartphone.

Enhance Your Mood With the Right Amount of Light

However, installing motorized shades is about more than convenience. As part of your lighting control system, you can program them to operate in tandem with your interior lighting as well, so shades come up with the sun and down when it’s time to turn up the lights in the evening. This design type allows you to control the amount of natural daylight your home gets. And more natural light means better circadian rhythms that can improve you and your family's health.

Save Money With Natural Lighting

It’s almost instinctual to turn lights on in your home when you awake, but on those sunny summer days, do we really need all those lights? With traditional shading, it might be easier to flip a switch than manage all the cumbersome shades. But motorized blinds are a snap to adjust, giving you more natural lighting. And more natural lighting means you can turn those switches off and save money on your energy bills, especially during high use periods during the day.

Window treatments can add incredible value and benefits to your home. Contact us to find out more reasons to install motorized blinds today or call us at (972) 200-7087. We look forward to hearing from you!

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