Smart Homes in Dallas, Texas and Curb Appeal


Curb Check

What's the curb appeal for your Dallas area home?

Smart devices and appliances are considered high-value indoor things. But the outside property of a house can harness the benefits of technology and look quite sharp.

Evolve Technologies installs and services premium smart home items, and will even run CAD, working pre-build or with the builders themselves.

Outdoor smart tech, with style. Some examples

  • bright, but integrated, lighting
  • discreet home monitoring
  • a smart lock with a classic brass look
  • wooden-slat or textured window treatments with motorized smart control
  • a sleek, two-way audio-video smart doorbell

A study by the University of Texas Arlington and the University of Alabama said you can add 7% to your home value with the curb factor. (And this study was quoted in Sotheby's property firm. Yes, that Sotheby's). Any quick internet search will bring you expert tips on front door colors, window styles, and more to inch that home value even higher.

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Streaming Dallas Sports and More for Your Smart TV (and more)


For a few states, football season doesn't really end. There's just a six-month-long pre-game show after the Super Bowl (or the Rose Bowl). Whether college or NFL, Texas is no exception.

In a splintered, niche-heavy entertainment world, most of the U.S. still loves its sports, especially on live TV. Grandpas and vegan daughters both still root for the Longhorns.

Good clean fun becomes great with an effortless, high-definition, sound and experience in TV.

For Everything, There is a Season: Football or Otherwise 

With expanded options, there are sports, and more, for everyone

  • Regional sports and international: college lacrosse, FIFA world cup, Olympics
  • Backyard movie night: the kiddos, a fire pit, and s'mores (perfect setting for Amazon Fire  TV)
  • That wholesome but goofy Mom and Dad channel on YouTube you and your child enjoy together

And, for many guys, the backyard TV and s'mores sounds like a good time, with or without the kids, but with the game on.

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Evolve Technology and High-End Smart Home Speaker Installation Dallas


Everyday Speaker Sounds of Audio and Video

Live sports, to Pandora, to FM to on-demand DVR'd reality shows. Broadcast or recorded sound is a century old. 


On-demand sound evolution:

  • Turntable records
  • Car radio 
  • Box-rocker portable stereos 
  • Modern-day: stand-alone media room in our pocket or on our wrist 

One-way and two-way audio systems are a non-stop feature in the 21st century. Waking up, working, and falling asleep to a preferred sound, such as music, is a constant for many people. 

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Sleep-Wake Cycle: The Light of Day


Circadian rhythms are the natural rise and fall in body temperature, sleepiness, bioenergy levels, and more. In addition, internal changes involving glucose, melatonin, and other substances help animate the body's system. These natural human systems keep us going and help us slow down.

A spot in the middle of the brain meets up with a nerve from the eyes and serves as this internal clock's gears. How much light we take in, natural or artificial, affects our clock: sleep and wakefulness. We're increasingly aware of the blue light frequency from screens that can wobble this 24-hour body health window. Light exposure from blue waves in a narrow spot on the light spectrum literally inhibits melatonin production.

But our sleep cycle--when we fall asleep and this daylight rhythm--can be gamed. Our eyes and brain don't want to negotiate with a clock on the wall, but they will negotiate with light and dark. There are even schools of thought and architecture about integrating natural light in large buildings to optimize peoples' productivity.
And who doesn't have a lot to do, anyway?

Motorized Shades
They're new on the home tech scene and already quite diverse. Pressing a button to see the morning light or go to sleep is just the start. And you might not even need a button. Motorized blinds are smooth, effortless up and down (side to side with curtains), but there's much more.
● Size of blinds
● Speed
● Fabric style and colors of the drape (there are some very tasteful wood-folding slat options)
● Transparency
● Power source
● Automatic, timed open and close
● Automatic, timed partial rise or lowering

Integrations and Smart Home adaptability
A premier company in specialty lighting and blinds is Lutron. With hundreds of patents, they were early developers of motorized blinds. Lutron can make it look good, from vertical curtain-style window treatments to rising wood panels and a wide palette-swatch of Romans.
What you don't see is also important: big, loud motors. These are blinds for your home, so the smooth, small quiet motor-action is ideal for residences. You can even go wire-free with a battery option. Batteries for shades are designed for long-term use and exposure to light and/or heat. Their lifespan is a matter of years versus months, and Lutron leads the industry.
Evolve Technologies is a Home Technology Association certified company. So we know more than just how to install. And we have clients with magazine-feature houses that they want to integrate as a smart home: we know it has to look good.

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Break-Out Summer: Sights, Sounds, Friends


Post-pandemic summer: Patios, Backyards, Getting Outside

Last summer was mostly spent indoors (for health reasons). But there are many dimensions to your health: it's more than avoiding illness. Gatherings and community are essential for long-term emotional and mental health. Enjoying the post-pandemic outdoors with family and friends can happen in your own backyard. 

With two summers to pack into one, this will be more than a Sunday afternoon cookout, eating a single slider and heading home to stream something. Set the right mood for your vibrant summer get-together by setting your outdoor space to light and music with flair and convenience. Make it that Texas barbecue where your friends' toddlers fall asleep on them and they're still out there, catching up with each other. 

Usual Patio or Garden Party 

For that kind of celebration, there's more to do than setting the table and lighting the fire pit. Buying and preparing food to host something outback is a feat by itself. If you don't have to charge, set up, and manage the playlist with Bluetooth, that's more time (and energy) to chat it up. If there are kids, dogs (or both), then that's a no-go on the tiki-torches. Open flames in the back of your mind? But music and lighting are a big part of your gathering coming together. Those two parts Evolve can help with. 

Unseen, but Well-Heard

Even without audio wires, music is more enjoyable with a surrounding effect. Conversation is much better with a consistent volume from the pool to the driveway. 

As a Home Technology Association certified company, we know integrated and smart home technology, literally inside and out. The highest-quality, refined sounds can be a discrete, natural look that blends into the porch, patio, or landscape. 

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