Back to School Means Reliable Internet: Learning Information and Consuming Data

In 2007--the debut year for iPhone 1 and other devices--a man in Italy wrote a 384-page novel on his cell phone. Using a 12-button keypad Nokia 6630, he thumbed out the sci-fi volume over a few months on his train commute. This writing prodigy illustrates how the classics of reading, writing, and arithmetic are increasingly done on smart devices and computers. 

Home Network Becomes Home Room: Distance Learning 

The US census said that distance learning was part of the learning equation for 93% of kids in 2020. As such, home internet service is now a definite utility for most American homes instead of something just for streaming video or other entertainment. Over-reliance on screens and constant access to connected devices has risks. However, syllabi, class announcements, schedule changes, and even Advanced Placement exams can happen remotely, essentially requiring an excellent home wi fi network. 

Evolve Technologies can help you get the most from your internet service provider. We'll also help you rev up your at-home wireless connectivity to provide truly seamless digital experiences. 

Why Fi? Because Few Devices Can Run without Wi-Fi 

The day when enough people wanted a wi-fi toothbrush to bring it to the marketplace-- that day has apparently arrived. This illustrates how today's American house with modern smart home devices guzzles data. Forget data caps. It's now a data ecosystem. 

|| The Home Data Ecosystem || 

  • Streams 
  • Data lakes: a constant level, like the automatic, 24/7 temperature and humidity checks on the smart fridge 
  • Data waterfalls: your son's gaming system 
  • Data swamps: slower connection and internet speed as with multi-party video conferencing

Existing router setups, like the starter unit from your internet provider, mean slower upload speeds and poorer overall wireless network for your home. But Evolve Technologies' service and installations use the Pakedge Wi-Fi router suite. These wireless router packages deliver enterprise-speed access for multiple devices and appliances. And they deliver a fast wireless connection for every app and device the young pupils in your home need to make the grade. 

The Whole Package 

If you have school-age children in 2022, you probably remember internet access as a minutes-long process involving a shrieking modem on your desktop, numerous wired connections and not being able to use the phone. Dial-up was limited to 56kbps for a 

while. Today, the best wi fi router, something for perfect live streaming of remote lessons from school, is much faster. For example, WR-1 Pakedge wireless routers can run about 15,000 times faster than old dial-up. 

More importantly, WR-1 and other Pakedge routers have a faster "throughput." Bandwidth and Throughput 

To understand throughput, consider analog speedometers in cars. Those speedometers are like the wifi router. The top speed is the fastest possible, the maximum. "Throughput," however, is clocked speed. According to the radar gun, how does this router throw a fastball? The Pakedge RK-1, an upgrade from WR-1, has 900 Mbps throughput download speeds. How fast is that? 

|| Download Speed Snapshot: 300–1,000+ Mbps Can Accommodate Five or More People with These Needs: || 

  • "Frequent 4K streaming and video calls" 
  • "Transferring large files" 
  • "Multiple people who work from home" 
  • (From streaming service and home wi fi clearing house/blog

So, when your kid's teacher posts online, they can't sick out. "I'll get you some chicken soup but sit down at your desk. The headmaster told me the A/V club will live stream the lecture Dr. Simmons is giving about The Sun Also Rises." 

And you can get your Peloton in at the same time.


Back to School, Plus 

If they're not digitally engaged with schoolwork, a good wi-fi signal enables plenty of learning-adjacent activities. Meta (formerly Facebook) has the everyone-rated 3-D Ancient Worlds on the Oculus headset. The 360-degree VR experience, designed by Australian archaeologist Simon Young, is immersive historical fun. See ancient Rome, the Gettysburg Address, or watch the Empire State building going up! Various other educational VR devices and games are data well spent for growing brains. 

Or, sometimes, you want to slow things down for your kids' learning. But you can still download written material fast so their imagination can practice some agility. Most publishers, Conde Nast and Hearst for example have an app or reader for everything or individual issues. Now kids can get classic or new magazines to read. Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and did you know Cricket and Highlights magazines are still a thing? A library literally at their fingertips downloaded in seconds; like the newest authors-first marketplace, Kobo online bookstore with 8,000+ search results for kids. 

Evolve Maximizes What You Can Do with Your Wi-Fi Service 

Evolve knows that the best wireless router, the best internet connection, and the best speeds are not important for a smart home, they're essential. The smart home doesn't work without them. As such, consultation to follow-up on your smart home will have the cutting-edge of today's digital, communications, and network ecosystems fine-tuned for your 21st-century residence. 

|| Evolve Installs, Services, Upgrades, and More || 

  • Audio-video; smart screens up to 8k and Dolby-Atmos-capable sound systems ● Home monitoring, security, and surveillance 
  • State-of-the-art indoor and outdoor lighting 
  • Smart features for pool, fireplace, and lawns 
  • Garage feature upgrades 
  • Automated blinds and window treatments 

We are proud members of the Home Technology Association and are excited to help you access the best up-to-the-minute developments in smart home convenience. Call for a consultation today.

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