The holidays are full of celebrating with family, traveling, and hopefully, a little relaxation and fun. We spend a season rushing around and buying gifts, decorating, and baking. But after everyone goes home and the decorations are put away, it's time to get back to our day to day.

But this shift also signals a great time to evaluate our lives. From finances to our relationships, we can take stock of where we might have deficits and plan how to fix them. The beginning of the year is a great time to assess your home and what repairs or upgrades you might need. And at the top of that list should be your home security system. If you don't have one, this might be the year to discuss with your Control4 dealer how you can integrate one with your home automation system.

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View Every Angle of Your Home From One Screen                         

We all know that feeling to be woken by a sound in the night. First, you freeze, then you strain to hear it again, hoping that you do and that you don’t simultaneously. When it happens again, you sit up and start thinking about what to do. That’s a lot of stress on a sleepy brain!

Imagine instead that you hear that bump and reach over to your smartphone and pull up your security system. You go to your cameras positioned on each angle of your home, and there it is, the neighborhood raccoon again. You put your phone down and drift back to sleep. That’s the beauty of a home security system integrated with your home automation system.

Monitor Your Home While You Are Away

One of the added stressors of traveling is leaving your home for an extended period.  Whether it’s the concern of unwanted guests, package thieves, or a fire or weather event, things can happen to our homes when we are gone. But with a home security system, you can see your whole house on one screen from anywhere in the world. Maybe you forgot that you had a sensitive package delivered and it was supposed to rain this week: You can provide instructions to the delivery driver and when he arrives, have your automatic locks open so he can put the package inside, then lock again once he leaves. Then you can enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that your home and possessions are safe.

Save and Share Footage Seamlessly

Maybe your HOA lets your neighborhood know that there have been a series of car thefts and break ins recently. A security system alone may set off alarms if someone tries to get in your home or car. Unfortunately, crafty thieves often have a knack for getting around car alarms. But if your home has surveillance, you not only can spot would-be thieves but also capture video and share it quickly and efficiently.

With high-performance cameras installed by a Control4 dealer, you can send clear video and images to the authorities and concerned parties. And when you combine your security and home automation system, you can also set off alarms and turn on lighting automatically that will deter even the most brazen intruder.

Make it a resolution to protect your home this year with a home security system. Contact a Control4 dealer here at 972-200-7087 to determine how to integrate home security with your home automation system. We look forward to securing your home in 2021!